Am I old Enough To Wear Makeup Yet.

    Growing up my mother never showed interest in wearing make up. When I was in high school my mother would tell me I’m not old enough and that its going to make my face break out . When I hit my senior year which was in 2011, my mom bought me my first couple of makeup products which consisted of eyeliner, a lip-gloss, an eyelash curler, and mascara. I then wanted to start experimenting in other product but I wasn’t allowed to.  Once I turned 22 I started buying my makeup products and learning how to blend my eye shadow and blending my foundation and just teaching my self everything I should know about doing makeup. once I got the hang of it I realized it takes a couple trial and errors and now I’m semi good but moral of the point is that you don’t need to grow up knowing how to do make up you can teach yourself.

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